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The Personalised Cartouches with your name in English, Arabic, Egyptian Hieroglyph, Farsi or Hindi comes in 5 different sizes. What is a Cartouche? What is Egyptian Hieroglyph?

18 Karat and 21 Karat Gold Cartouche
Gold Single Sided Cartouche
Item # CPG01
Description: Hand Made Single Sided Cartouche
Price: US$171.00
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Gold Double Sided Cartouche
Item # CPG02
Description: Hand Made Double Sided Cartouche
Price: US$207.00
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925 Sterling Silver Cartouche
Silver Single Sided Cartouche
Item # CPS01
Description: Hand Made Single Sided Cartouche
Price: US$34.00
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Silver Double Sided Cartouche
Item # CPS02
Description: Hand Made Double Sided Cartouche
Price: US$37.00
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Image of the Cartouche above is not the actual cartouche, it is just a sketch of it. The original item will be better than this.
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What is a Cartouche?
A Cartouche is an oval emblem created in the likeness of a magical braided rope that encircles the name of an Egyptian King spelt out in Hieroglyphs. The rope was believed to protect the king and to honor his name not only in life, but in death. Displayed on tombs and monuments, Cartouches symbolized eternity and protection from evil.
Cartouches first appeared during the Fourth Dynasty while Pharaoh Sneferu ruled. It was known as a "shenu," a word derived from the Egyptian word "sheni," which meant to encircle. This shen had a double meaning, divine protection from evil and eternity. When the first cartouches were uncovered by French soldiers, the soldiers thought they looked like their bullet cartridges and called them Cartouches, the French word for "cartridge".
Function of a Cartouche
The cartouche was thought to protect the name of the king and to ensure eternal life. Ancient Egyptians believed that a person would continue to live in the afterlife as long as their name was still spoken. To lose their name would spell certain death. Ancient Egyptians believed their name was a living part of their being. In death, they believed that the name carried significance and was inscribed on the tomb to assure eternal life. King's names were inscribed in Cartouches. The greatest dishonor one could experience was considered the loss of the name. Removing the name from a tomb was considered greater than death itself.
Replicas of Egyptian Cartouches are available for sale today. These are made in the form of pendants or rings and are generally made from either silver or gold. A cartouche can be made to order with your name translated into Egyptian Hieroglyphs. For many, this serves as a novelty or conversation piece, but for some the cartouche is worn as an amulet to ward off evil.
Our Cartouche in 5 Languages Egyptian Hieroglyphs
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